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Dillon Piper

Executive Recruiter


Hello! My name is Dillon Piper and I am an Executive Recruiter at Richard, Wayne, and Roberts – exciting I know. Recruiting is something I genuinely enjoy and am passionate about; not for the stereotypical perception of money, but for the fulfilling sensation of assisting professionals move forward in their career – whatever that looks like for them. As pestering as receiving calls from a recruiter may be for some, for many, it is a life changing call. That evokes me to be diligent in my work, empathetic with your needs, and pragmatic in my career advice. I am here to advise you on your career, to be a sounding board to your potential fear, concern, excitement; every emotion that surfaces in this process. Simply because an opportunity looks great, sounds great, and feels great -does not mean it is the right one for you. Let us chat about opportunities I may have and how we could change your life -I look forward to it.

Out of the office, you will find me on my phone because for so many of you it is easier to talk after work hours. But chances are I will be talking to you from the tennis court. Tennis is my ultimate passion. I have been playing tennis my whole life and try to compete in amateur tournaments around the state when time allows. I am also a big foodie – with all this tennis I can eat an amazing amount so I love trying new restaurants and cuisines. As I like to say, “Food is where the culture is!”, so I try to experience different cultures through authentic meals; join me, please. I escape to Austin, Texas as much as possible to be outdoorsy, scooter around town, and have more amazing meals. Also, I am what I call a Coffee Shop Hunter. I love finding mom and pop, neighborhood coffee shops with its own vibe and community and a truly authentic cup of Joe. Lastly, I like my whiskey on the rocks, and my karaoke on pitch. Do not hesitate to reach out and connect with me. Again, I look forward to it.


RWR has been a key partner in our talent acquisition strategy.  Their team communicates professionally and has demonstrated consistent ability to identify strong, unique candidates.

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