Ruth Schlanger CPC

Managing Partner, Legal




My name is James Buda, and I am the Executive Vice President for Caterpillar Inc. in Peoria, Illinois. In this capacity, I supervise the Law and Public Policy Organization for the Corporation and in this context, manage a Law Department of over 300 attorneys.

I am writing on behalf of Ruth Schlanger of Richard, Wayne and Roberts. I have known Ruth for approximately 15 years, know her both personally and professionally, know her work ethic and work product, and can speak to her integrity, creativity, honesty and overall performance as a recruiter.

I am so pleased with every aspect of Ruth's representation of Caterpillar. She does a great job of screening candidates before submitting resumes to me. She knows our model here at Caterpillar; she knows about the opportunities that we provide to our attorneys, and sells these opportunities on the front end, she knows what it is to live and work in Peoria, Illinois, and she personalizes every candidate that she works with on our behalf.

I have been very pleased with all the efforts that Ruth has made for Caterpillar and she has placed many, many of our attorneys who not only are fine lawyers, but also good people.

I sincerely enjoy working with Ruth. She is engaging, smart, articulate, savvy, responsive and most importantly, honest. I can clearly recommend her to anyone looking to engage a recruiter in the legal field.


Jim Buda

Caterpillar, Inc.

Ruth began her career in recruiting in 1979. She joined Richard, Wayne & Roberts in 1983, when she started the Legal Group for the company. She received her Certified Personnel Consultant designation in 1994. Ruth was promoted to Associate Partner in 1991 and to Partner in 2003. She is responsible for overseeing the legal team, which recruits for corporations and law firms nationwide.

Ruth is consistently ranked as one of the top recruiters by the Houston Association of Personnel Consultants and also by the Texas Association of Personnel Consultants. Additionally, she heads our annual holiday fund-raising project, which benefits a local children’s charity. Ruth received her B.A. with high honors from the University of Houston in 1977.



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