John Martinez

Executive Search Director, Accounting

John has over two years' experience as a recruiter with specialization in accounting and finance. Prior to recruiting, he worked in the accounting and finance fields for Halliburton, Sprint, and Reliant Energy as Accounting Manager, Pricing Manager, and Marketing Manager, respectively. He actively recruits and develops new relationships with clients across different industries, focusing predominantly in the energy sector. His success stems from building long-term relationships with clients and candidates by focusing on their respective needs. John has added value to his clients by finding them controllers, auditors, financial analysts, and other senior level roles.

John is on the board of ALPFA (Association for Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting) and is bi-lingual. He graduated from the University of Houston in the fall of 1995 with a BBA in Finance and Accounting. He also completed an MBA in Finance from the same institution in the fall of 2003.

"As an accounting professional in the Houston marketplace, I found that I always appreciated the opportunities recruiters at Richard, Wayne and Roberts presented to me, and the professionalism with which they worked, so I decided to join them to offer that service to my fellow accounting professionals in Houston."



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